The bus conversion system with a real comfort bed

With our camper module, we transform every van into a flexible motorhome
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The camper module for your bus

Our van conversion kit is the perfect solution to convert any van into a comfortable camper. The module can be transformed from bedroom to large eat-in kitchen in seconds using the patented slide-turn mechanism. We are the only manufacturer to offer a real king-size comfort bed. For us, that means: continuous slatted frame, continuous disc springs and an unsegmented mattress on the lying surface. On request, this is even available in 3 layers. The bed measures 160 x 200 cm.
With our van conversion, you can enjoy the comfort of your home wherever you are. 

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Innovations 2022

Find out in this video what we have improved on our module in 2022! You will also be introduced to the Magic Board and the electric kitchen block.
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The camper module explained in 2 minutes

In this video we present you the complete concept of the Good Life Van Module in 2 minutes. So you can see right away how easy it is to transform your bus from the perfect bedroom into a cozy eat-in kitchen.
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Roomtour camper module

For everyone who wants to know exactly. In this video, founder Tobi shows you the module in all details and explains what is important when using it.
Camper modules for vans and busesCamper expansion bed

Our camper conversion module consists of three elements:

  1. Sleeping unit with kitchen block
  2. Seating and storage furniture
  3. bottom plate

The sleeping unit, the kitchen block as well as the seating and storage furniture are identical for all vehicle types, so you can easily install and remove the components as required. And if you ever buy a new vehicle, you can simply take the camper expansion module with you. Whether you're embarking on a cross-country adventure or just getting away from it all for a few days, the Camper Extension Module gives you the flexibility and freedom to tailor your trip the way you want.
The base plate serves as an adapter for your vehicle. The plate is used as a floor in your motorhome and screwed to the existing lashing points or the fastening screws of your seating system. The fixing points for furniture assembly are already on the top of the plate. There is no damage to your vehicle. The module is made of high-quality materials and offers perfect processing quality thanks to precise CNC technology. With the Good Life module, every journey becomes a journey to freedom.

Camper bed kitchen function
All information about our camper conversion modules


  • Bed size 160 x 200cm
  • Mattress 155x200cm
  • complete suspension by Froli
  • unsegmented viscoelastic cold foam mattress
  • Side storage space for duvets
  • Construction height bed system: 15 cm
  • continuous slatted frame


  • spacious and variable seat
  • Lounge seat with full legroom
  • height-adjustable and freely swiveling table
  • 42l compressor fridge
  • 56l water tanks
  • Stainless steel sink with hinged glass cover
  • 2 burner gas cooker indoor/outdoor pull-out
  • Toilet
  • Wardrobe & various storage spaces


  • clear height and width of the tailgate for additional loads
  • 2 bicycles inside
  • Skis, kite surfboards etc. in the interior
  • golf bags
  • Euroboxes
  • Clear length of the complete vehicle for additional loads
  • Storage space in bench, kitchen module & wardrobe
  • Optional 1-2 TÜV tested seats for driving

electrical options

  • individual energy packages
  • LED lighting
  • USB ports
  • charging booster
  • Inverter 230V
  • deep discharge protection

installation options

  • swivel driver/passenger seats
  • parking heater
  • solar system
  • insulation
  • side panels
  • Battery & charging systems


  • from CHF 12,990.00
  • Assembly Augsburg or Zurich
  • Delivery time 8-10 weeks
  • Visit by telephone arrangement
  • Demonstration vehicles for sale immediately!

Van conversion by Good Life Vans

This is how you turn your bus into a real motorhome with our camper conversion:
fast, uncomplicated and sustainable.

Personal advice

So that your dream of a motorhome with a perfect camper conversion becomes a reality, we would like to support you with advice and action. We would be happy to advise you and answer all your questions. Of course you can reach us by phone at any time. For detailed telephone consultations, it is best to arrange a telephone appointment with us.

phone appointment
Camper module in the Ford Transit camper van conversion

Personalization for motorhomes

Our module is available in the color "milk" as standard. You can design our huge kitchen back wall individually with our or your photo motifs. For creative people, we also offer a free range of colors for our decors.

Thanks to numerous accessories such as a bicycle rack, universal table, LED lighting, etc., the module can be precisely adjusted to your needs. Try our configurator!

Van conversion Good Life Vans

Visit the van extension

Van conversions can be viewed by appointment at the locations in Cologne, Frankfurt, Weimar, Munich, Augsburg, Vienna and Zurich.

Camper module in the Ford Transit camper van

Installation in your bus

You can order the module and simply pick it up at one of our plants near Frankfurt, Augsburg or Cologne. Of course, our assembly professionals will take care of the entire installation.

Once the module is installed in your bus, 2 people can easily install and remove the module. So you are always flexible if you want to use your bus for something else.

Sustainable camping with camper modules

Sustainable camping

Our camper module is designed in such a way that you can take it with you into your next vehicle. This is how you decouple the camper expansion from the loss in value of your bus. You can also lease a vehicle and remove the module again when you return the vehicle. There are no installation marks on the vehicles.

Quality of the van conversion

All components are manufactured with our CNC machines and therefore only have the smallest manufacturing tolerances. As a provider of a premium van conversion concept, we have chosen only the best quality for all materials and fittings used. In this video we explain how to install and remove the module. You can gain a particularly good insight into the materials and connections used.

For example, we use 16 mm thick birch multiplex with HPL laminates from the German manufacturer "Egger". Our furniture hinges are genuine interior design hinges from the "Blum" brand. The bed frame comes from the German manufacturer "Froli". No matter which components we pick out as an example: Quality always comes first!


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Your bus is a camper

... and he is waiting for you to bring him to life. Contact us now for all your questions or check out our FAQ.

Sightseeing possibilities: Weimar, Cologne, Frankfurt, Zurich, Munich, Vienna

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