King size camper bed

Experience new adventures rested and with power. A good night's sleep in the camper bed is the key to a relaxed and harmonious holiday
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The innovative camper bed from Good Life Vans

"Finally a real bed" - that's what we hear again and again from our customers. If you are also looking for a comfortable bed for your camping holiday, you should take a look at our innovative Good Life Vans camper bed. This king-size bed is the same size as your bed at home, but with a slide-and-turn mechanism that allows you to convert it to a living room and back to a bedroom in just a few seconds. The bed comes with a mattress that is unsegmented on the surface and underneath it even has its own storage space for your complete sleeping bags and pillows. Uncompromising sleeping comfort is also achieved through the unique bed structure. As the only manufacturer of van camping extensions, we offer a continuous slatted frame that is also equipped with disc springs. With the Good Life Vans RV bed you are well served and will sleep like heaven anywhere in the world.

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Experience new adventures rested and with power

A good night's sleep in the camper bed is the key to a relaxed holiday. At Good Life Vans, we prioritize perfect sleeping comfort placed.

In order for this to succeed, we have developed a module that uses the entire interior of your van as a bedroom - a camper bed cannot be bigger. Restful sleep is directly related to the construction of the bed system, and at Good Life Vans this has a proud height of 15 cm. The bed has a width of 160 cm and a length of 200 cm - both in the short and in the long wheelbase of your motorhome. The mattress dimensions are 155 x 200 x 9 cm. But size is not everything.

With the company Froli, Good Life Vans has gained a partner for professional camper bed systems. The heart of the camper bed is the sturdy Froli aluminum frame. In this there is a slatted frame that bears the main load. The patented Froli disc springs are attached to the slatted frame. These are designed in such a way that you create maximum spring deflection with a minimum installation height. In this way, your body weight can be recorded with pinpoint accuracy. The preload of each individual disc spring can be adjusted using an insert. So you can adjust the entire structure of the camper bed individually to your weight. Our bed system is continued on both sides of the slatted frame up to the side panels of the bus. This enables us to achieve a homogeneous substructure over the entire bed surface of our motorhome.

Handwork and quality from Germany

The Good Life mattress is handcrafted in Germany from two-layer cold foam and is 9 cm high. The layers support the body weight on the one hand and ensure a soft sinking in on the other.

A conventional camper folding bed or a pull-out camper bed consists of several mattress segments. Due to segmentation, however, the Camper mattress loses its surface tension and sleeping comfort is massively restricted.

A special feature of the Good Life mattress is the top cold foam layer. Thanks to this, the mattress remains unsegmented on the top. This solves one of the biggest camper problems: finally a bed like at home, with consistent sleeping comfort over the entire surface of the camper bed.

Optionally we offer the Good Life "luxury mattress". This consists of three layers and, in addition to the cold foam support layer, has an additional viscoelastic layer. This reacts to body heat and adapts perfectly to your shape - maximum sleeping comfort!

Camper bed 160cm x 200cm
Campervan bed 160cm x 200cmCamper bed kitchen function

Patented conversion system

Thanks to the patent-pending slide-turn mechanism, the interior can be converted into a bedroom in just a few simple steps. The lock is released, by pulling on the bed frame, the sleeping unit moves to the center of the vehicle and the bed frame turns horizontal. The Good Life mattress can now be unfolded. You can now get your sleeping bags or duvets out of the storage space on the side.

Thanks to Good Life Vans, the compact dimensions of a motorhome do not mean that you have to do without comfort and a sense of space and certainly not a restful sleep in your camper bed.


Your bus is a camper

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