VW T6 camper extension

Good Life Vans has developed a camper module with which you can quickly, sustainably and easily convert your Volkswagen VW T6 into a real camper van.
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With our camper conversion, we turn your VW T6 camper into a real camper van

VW T6 Transporter, T6 Multivan, T6 Caravelle, T6 California as the base vehicle for your camper van.

VW camper module for VW T6 short wheelbase and T6 long wheelbase
Camper expansion module

VW T6 bus as the basis for your VW camper conversion

Good Life Vans has developed a camper module with which you can quickly, sustainably and easily convert your VW T6 into a real camper van. The camper module is designed to fit in any VW bus. Our camper module is available in two versions. There is a version for the VW T6 long wheelbase and a version for the VW T6 short wheelbase. In both cases, your T6 camper van does not have to do without anything that would make it a real camper. The camping bed has the royal dimensions of 160 cm x 200 cm in both modules. Others usually use a folding bed or a pull-out bed for their camper extension. The special feature of our camper module is that the bed is installed in one piece in the VW T6. This allows us to create a T6 extension that makes optimal use of the limited space. During the day, the bed is stowed away on the driver's side of the VW T6, giving it an open, friendly and spacious feeling. As a driver, you can enjoy an all-round view through all the windows that you can see from the driver's seat in all situations. This makes the VW T6 a safe camper van in all traffic situations.

VW T6 camping bus in the Multivan, Transporter or Caravelle

No space is wasted in our VW T6 conversion. Because the storage space on the side, which is located behind the vertically positioned camper bed, is also fully utilised. The original VW components of your T6 remain above the wheel housing in the direction of travel. These are the jack, the warning triangle and the first aid kit. These remain fully accessible. Camping chairs are located above it, which are rolled up and stowed safely above the wheel housing. In the storage space between the wheel housing and the driver's seat there is an extra large cupboard in which all your bed linen fits. Even the small recess created by the window is used: the upper part of the mattress folds in there.

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Good Life Vans Camper Module for each model

For your everyday life, this means even more space in your T6 interior. A camper van with such a large seat is probably not available in any other extension. You can use the bench completely as storage space and even vary its width to get even more space in the aisle. For example, 2 bicycles fit in the aisle without dismantling. The seat of our VW T6 module is accessible from all sides. Even at night you can access your most important utensils, which are stowed in the bank, from the front via a flap.

Camping bus with a large kitchen and dining table as a module for the VW T6

Part of our camper module for your VW T6 is the large kitchen with a flexible dining table. The kitchen block has a length of 200 cm on the VW T6 long wheelbase. With the VW T6 short wheelbase conversion, the kitchen has a length of 175 cm. The centerpiece is our compressor refrigerator with a volume of 42l. Every VW T6 has a fresh water and waste water tank inside. The fresh water tank is located in the rear part of the kitchen block in the VW T6 extension and can be easily reached via the open tailgate of the bus. In the lower part of the kitchen block there is a large cupboard with sufficient storage space for pots, kitchen utensils, crockery, etc.

The best thing about the VW camper is the adjustable kitchen table. With our camper, this can not only be swiveled freely, but also adjusted in height. For example, if you have a VW T6 with a pop-up roof, you can simply lift the table and work as comfortably as in a real kitchen while standing. 3 people can sit on the bench. There is another folding seat in the center aisle in front of the tailgate of the VW T6. On this folding seat, you not only enjoy full legroom, you also sit opposite the rotated passenger seat, which enables relaxed communication.

Good Life Vans Austria camper conversion

Camping bus VW T6 - real camper extension for all variations

The VW T6 is available ex works in many different versions. If you want to convert a camper extension from a VW T6 Transporter, it is necessary for the extension to start with insulation. If you want to build a T6 yourself, you can insulate the bottom and side walls. The Good Life Vans Camper Module takes care of the rest for your T6.

As a camper, the VW T6 Caravelle has the advantage that it already has final drones and insulation. Some models even have an auxiliary heater installed. For a camper van, the air heater is always better than a hot water heater. After all, the priority in the camper is on a warm interior.

The VW T6 Multivan is almost a small camper. It is even better insulated than the Caravelle and has a more flexible seating system. This is attached to rails in the vehicle floor so that benches and seats can be removed quickly. With our module you convert the T6 Multivan into a real camper. The base plate is simply inserted and the furniture elements are screwed on.

A VW T6 California extension is also possible and useful with the camper module from Good Life Vans. The VW T6 California is available in different variations. Our module is suitable for vehicles that have a pop-up roof but have not yet developed the interior.

Our camper module also fits in your bus

If you want to buy a bus first, you will find valuable information here about the bus extensions and options for various base vehicles.

Your bus is a camper

... and he is waiting for you to bring him to life. Contact us now for all your questions or check out our FAQ.

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