The camper base plate

The heart of the module is our Good Life base plate. This is made of 16.6 mm glued plywood and guarantees maximum stability.
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The adapter to your van

Sustainable and stable in value

The secret is in the details

The heart of the module is our Good Life Camper extension base plate. This is made of 16.6mm glued plywood and guarantees maximum stability. We use robust HPL laminates with various decors for the surface.

Each bus has different attachment points for the respective seating system that is already installed by the manufacturer. We reproduce these variations in the form of cutouts on the underside of our base plate. Therefore, our standard floor panel already fits in many vehicles.

We have installed reinforcements and screwing options at important points. The attachment points for the furniture elements are located on the top. In this way, they can be quickly screwed on or removed again.

We offer the camper expansion base plate with a 6mm insulating layer as standard. If your bus already has a floor, carpet or insulation installed, the 6mm is sufficient. If you have a pure sheet metal floor, it is advisable to increase the insulation to a further 12 - 32 mm.

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Your bus is a camper

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