Maximum living space for your camper

A generous living space is not a matter of course in a bus extension. The Good Life Vans extension is your office, your dining room and your lounge for cozy hours.
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Living space is living space

Your camper bus as a feel-good space on the go

Legroom, headroom, seating comfort

The Good Life Module offers a unique room concept. The open plan from the tailgate to the windscreen creates a spacious, free feeling of living. This is particularly important if you want to stay longer on the bus on long evenings or in bad weather.

In addition to the sense of space, it is also about tangible facts. The optional lounge seat creates a seat on the tailgate that offers a large seat depth (65 cm) and complete legroom. If the driver's and front passenger's seats are rotated, a harmonious seating group is created in which everyone involved can enjoy legroom.

If the freely adjustable dining table is mounted, the seat cube on the sliding door is used. This creates a three-seat group around the large table.

Variable space for all circumstances

The variable side seat bench is part of the Good Life concept. This allows the full length of the kitchen block to be used sensibly, since you can sit in front of the block.

But the side seat bench can do much more. If more space is required in the interior, for example to transport bicycles or because a dog is on board, the side walls of the bench seat can be folded in. It is then a whole 8 cm narrow. The removed cover is folded up and pushed into the folded seat - variability is key!


Your bus is a camper

... and he is waiting for you to bring him to life. Contact us now for all your questions or check out our FAQ.

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