Ford Transit and Ford Tourneo

Ford Transit and Ford Tourneo as a VW bus alternative for camping expansion. The Good Life Vans camper module is a perfect fit for Ford for both short and long wheelbase.
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Convert Ford Transit and Ford Tourneo to your camper van in the best quality

Camper module for Ford Bus short and long wheelbase

Ford Transit Camper removal 2 minute video

In this short video you can quickly find out why our module installed in the Ford Transit is a real alternative to the Ford Nugget Camper.
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Ford Transit Camper Umabu

Advantages of a Ford Transit for camper conversion

Insider circles have long known that a camper van can also be made by Ford. The Ford bus is traditionally popular as the basis for various vehicle conversions, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries. For the Ford Transit Camper extension we recommend the H1L2 version. This abbreviation hides the information about the height of the vehicle and the wheelbase variant. With H1, the Ford Transit has a vehicle height of less than 2m. Not only does this have the benefit of being able to 90% drive into all underground car parks, this camper height also circumvents problems with height restrictions in popular car parks. L2 is the designation for the long wheelbase. Compared to the L1, this brings almost 40 cm more length. This means that the Ford Transit remains fully suitable for everyday use as a camper. At the same time, these 40 cm are clearly noticeable in the interior of a camper. This not only makes the camper extension in your Ford Transit more spacious and offers space for another cupboard, it is also much easier to move around.

A Ford Transit Camper has the largest interior space in this vehicle class. The clear width between the wheel arches is 139 cm on the Ford Transit. That's 17cm more than, for example, a VW Caravelle. Of course, our camper module fits perfectly into a Ford Transit camper and the 17 cm gained create larger side compartments for expansion.

Conclusion: Ford Transit Camper as an alternative

With its large interior, the Ford Transit is a real alternative to VW. The Ford is cheaper and can also be configured very well. Numerous assistance systems from the passenger car sector can be ordered from the factory and important accessories such as auxiliary heating can also be configured. When it comes to the choice of engines, the Ford Transit as a camper is a little weaker than at VW. The processing of the side panels and fittings is very plastic and the noise insulation is not as high quality as that of a VW. But the price savings alone are reason enough to think twice about whether it always has to be a VW.
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Camper module in the Ford Transit camper van

Camper module in the Ford Transit camper van

Of course, the Good Life Vans Camper Module also fits in your Ford Transit and Ford Tourneo. Our system is based on the Good Life base plate, which is simply inserted into your Ford Transit. The distances and dimensions of the camper module are always identical, starting from the middle. In the kitchen cupboards and in the side panels, the space available in the Ford Transit Camper is a bit more voluminous than in the VW. With the fitting package, we create a flush transition to the side walls so that the camper module fits perfectly into the Ford Transit. If you have a Ford Transit van that is not yet insulated on the side walls and floor, this should be done first. You can either insulate your Ford Transit Camper yourself - you can find numerous instructions on Youtube. It is best to enter the following terms in the search: Ford Transit Camper Isolation. Or you can have us do the insulation.

The camper module can now simply be screwed in - your Ford Transit camper is complete with a large bed, real kitchen and flexible living space.

Our camper module also fits in your bus

If you want to buy a bus first, you will find valuable information here about the bus extensions and options for various base vehicles.

Your bus is a camper

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