How much does a camper extension cost?

Simple box systems for camper extensions that you can retrofit yourself are available from around €300. Professional installations are between €15,000 and €35,000. A distinction is made between permanently installed extensions and modular systems.
A complete expansion ofGood Life Vans“, which has a modular structure, costs €13,000, for example. This one can without installation marks be removed again. In addition to the interior design, changes can also be made to the vehicle itself. The most important modifications to the vehicle are the installation of a air heater. This costs between €1,400 from eg Planar and up to €3,000 from eg Webasto or Eberspächer.
are also useful rotating front seats. Swivel consoles can be retrofitted for around €260 per seat. A shore power connection costs between €650 and €950. With a shore power connection, you can, for example, draw electricity from outside at a campsite.
This is often the case with a camper extension vehicle isolated. Professional builders such as Good Life Vans work with 3 shifts:
1. Alybutyl, which is used for soundproofing.
2. Armaflex, which is used as thermal insulation
3. Felt paneling that makes the interior cozy.
Depending on the scope and design, complete insulation can cost between €1,900 and €4,500.

Which vehicle is suitable for the conversion?

Of the VW Bus is ideal for the Camper expansion. The bus is suitable for everyday use and fits in most underground car parks. The VW has perfect interior dimensions and it already comes with a lot of equipment that is helpful for campers: auxiliary heating, rotating seats, sliding windows, etc
In contrast to cheaper alternatives such as Opel Vivaro, Renault Trafic, etc., the VW bus has independent wheel suspension and is therefore very comfortable.
It is also one of the most value-retaining vehicles on the market. The VW also stays with many pop-up roofs less than 2 meters vehicle height, which makes it 100% suitable for everyday use. Of the Ford Transit Custom is also perfectly suitable, but is somewhat simpler in design than the VW bus. With a modular system, for example from Good Life Vans, you have all the features of a large motorhome, but with all the benefits of everyday usability.
This expansion fits in all buses mentioned. The Mercedes Vito or V Class is not quite as suitable, as the ceiling height is lower than, for example, the VW Bus or the Ford Transit. In addition, the external dimensions are around 30 cm longer than comparable buses from other manufacturers, without the passenger compartment being longer.

Which transporter is suitable for the camper conversion?

All vans are suitable as campers.
If you take a transporter with a vehicle height of more than 2 meters, you lose its suitability for everyday use. The same applies to vans longer than 5 meters. Inside the van is the VW vans most suitable. The VW Transporter is lower than 2 meters and shorter than 5 meters. In contrast to all other vans - except for the Mercedes Vito - this one has a comfortable independent wheel suspension. For the VW Transporter there is also for the passenger double seat bench one Swivel console with TÜV approval. That Camper module from "Good Life Vans" fits in all vans, for example. For larger vans, also known as panel vans, the Fiat Ducato to recommend. He has the best price-performance ratio.

How long does it take to convert to a camper?

Built-in systems usually take several weeks to complete. However, the waiting time for a free installation date or the delivery time of individual components is longer than the pure installation time.
The average waiting time for a finished camper is over a year. At manufacturer of modular systems the delivery time is significantly faster because these can be mass-produced.
For example, the delivery time is at Good Life Vans currently about 8 weeks.

Who converts my van, transporter or bus into a camper?

Good Life Vans converts all vans and buses into campers. These include the following vehicles: VW T4,T5,T6,T6.1,T7 Transporter, Multivan, Caravelle or California Beach. Mercedes Sprinter, Vito and V Class. Ford Transit, Transit Custom and Transit Tourneo, Opel Vivaro, Renault Trafic, Fiat Ducato, Citroen Spacetourer.

What is the best mattress for my camper?

It is important that the mattress is not segmented on the surface, since the surface tension is lost at the respective transitions, which has a significant effect on comfort.
Good mattresses need one support layer and a comfort layer. Cold foam mattresses are particularly suitable because their shape can also be adjusted. High-quality mattresses in the camper area have an upper layer of visco-elastic foam in addition to the support layer made of cold foam. This foam adapts particularly well to the contours of the body and significantly increases lying comfort.
Just as important as the mattress is the Aassembly of the bed frame. A continuous slatted frame and/or plate springs that can be individually adjusted are ideal. Such a bed system with a continuous slatted frame, disc springs over the entire surface and a multi-layer mattress is the only manufacturer to offer the Van extension "Good Life Vans".

What do I have to consider when buying a Camper Module?

Sleeping comfort is the most important thing in the camper.
A narrow bed is often not wide enough for two people. A folded back seat often does not offer sleeping comfort, since the hardness of the foam is designed for sitting and not for lying down. In addition, it is often not possible to create a level lying surface. the kitchen must also in bad weather interior usable and should be able to be laid outside in good weather. storage space must be flexible so that it can also be used in everyday life.
Even with compact vehicles, one should Toilet to be there. If the vehicle is higher than 2 meters, it is not suitable for everyday use. If you look at the vehicle from the outside that it is a mobile home, unnoticed camping is not possible. Companies such as Good Life Vans therefore offer "stealth campers" or "Incognito campers" on. A good camper extension is designed in such a way that it can be operated completely from the interior in good weather. Even bulky things such as bicycles, surfboards, SUP boards or extensive luggage must find space without restricting the functions of the kitchen or the bed.

7 tips for buying a camper

Here we try to support you with a few thoughts in your purchase decision
  • Tip 1 - sleeping comfort in the camper van

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  • Tip 2 - all-weather suitability

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  • Tip 3 - choice of roof for your bus

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  • Tip 4 - Suitability for everyday use when expanding the bus

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  • Tip 5 - module vs. permanent installation in the camper

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  • Tip 6 - Help when choosing a vehicle

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  • Tip 7 - price and quality

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  • Camper modules with a king-size bed for your bus

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